President Trump wants to decriminalize homosexuality but he says it is a part of a political strategy

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: If this is just part of his administration’s international strategy I have to be honest, that bothers me almost as much.

DJ: I would agree with you. I think that when we get into the politics and this a danger of being in politics, you get into the politics of compromise rather than standing for conviction then anything can go up for grabs in order to further a political agenda. I understand even if it’s to protect the United States but you can’t play games with these things. These are moral issues. It would be no more right to play games with this then it would be to use the abortion issue as a political football in order to gain a political advantage even on the world stage and it’s just a stepping stone. The people who are involved with this become pons in a bigger political strategy. I think it’s a serious issue.

JD: I do believe it is as well David. Let’s get to our bottom line as we always do. What would you say are some of the main takeaways for us as believers in Christ from this whole situation?

DJ: Well a few practical things. One, I would say be very careful about drawing conclusions based on headlines and Facebook memes. There’s usually much more to the story so we need to spend time to dig deeper. If something doesn’t sound quite right and if there are red flags and don’t jump to conclusions. For example concerning the Vice President’s apparent quick and dramatic shift on his views, I don’t think he’s shifted at all. The last chapter has not been written on this whole thing.

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