The world’s two largest religions have signed an agreement, of partnership, that sets the stage for the end times

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: David you taught a course here at our School of Prophets last year on understanding Islam. So from the Islamic prospective how would you evaluate what appears to be some sort of a meeting in the middle between the world’s two largest religions?

DJ: To be honest I don’t think the leaders in Islam can be trusted when it comes to ecumenical dialog. The leaders in the Islamic world whether it be the Sunnis or the Shiites they are determined to establish an Islamic caliphate or kingdom throughout the world. They will say and do whatever it takes to subdue the world of the Infidels and that would include people of the book meaning Christians and Jews. And this subjugation of the world means forced conversions or heavy taxation or even death if those first two options are rejected.

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