Russia has told Israel to stop all air strikes on Iranian targets in Syria

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Russia has told Israel to stop any air strikes on Syria. Is that something that could bring a confrontation face-to-face, head-to-head between Russia and Israel if indeed Israel does continue to defend themselves with these air strikes?

DD: Well Jimmy really without sounding too ominous it brings Russia fully now into the enemy of Israel category. Now I have to say that still the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying we don’t want to see an escalation, we don’t want to see war in the region. But they are now openly telling the Israeli’s stop all attacks against Iranian and Syrian targets of course Iranian targets have been the main ones until now that Israel has been striking. They call them arbitrary strikes. Well there not arbitrary they’re happening because Iran is massing forces in Syria. There’s aircraft landing everyday at Damascus Airport from Iran carrying more weapons and carrying more men. They’re also flying into Beirut Airport.

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