Turkey, Iran and Russia are forming a coalition to go against the United States and Israel

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Looks like our old buddy Tayyip Erdogan has decided to call for a joint coalition with the Turks, the Russians and the Iranians as they were going to take over the area there in Syria that the United States is pulling out from. What do you know about this?

KT: Well that’s right Jimmy. This is a development that’s been underway for a little while. Erdogan would love to have an alliance with Russia and Iran. He’s closer to having an alliance with the Iranians. But never the less he has serious differences with all of them and one of the major differences is over Syria. Erdogan has from the git-go been against Assad. He’s called for Assad’s ouster. He’s supported the radical Jihadi groups opposing Assad and now he’s hoping to go to Russia to meet with Putin next week. Putin by the way has not confirmed that. This is Erdogan trying to insert himself into increase his stature. And especially lets not forget what he really wants is a green light from Russia to go whack the Kurds.

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