As the United States pulls its military forces out of Syria, that vacancy will be filled with Arab military forces

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: President Trump has said he is going to pull out the US troops there in Syria. It looks like he’s phasing in the Arab forces into Syria to take on whatever may be going on with Iran and their continual build up there in Syria after US forces leave. What do we know about that?

KT: Well Jimmy this is the biggest development this week. This is the most significant thing in my view that’s happened in that region. As the United States phases its troops out of Syria and it’s only like 2,000 troops in Syria, they will be replaced by troops from Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. This is a significant development. If you have Egypt which is stead vastly against Muslim brotherhood on the ground militarily present taking our place as it were in Syria that I think is going to really put a check on the Turkish desire to invade that part of Northern Syria, to eradicate the Kurds and to support their Muslim brother allies.

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