The Israeli Defense Force, in a military operation, "Northern Shield", is at the Israeli-Lebanese border to stop Hezbollah from coming into Israel and trying to attack the Galilee

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: In the Northern part of Israel, how Israel and the United States to operate against Iran it’s called Northern Shield. Can you give us any information about it? Is it underway?

DD: It’s definitely under way Jimmy, it began on Tuesday. I’m hearing from my sources that it may last up to a month although it could be much quicker if it gets into a full war or it could be longer if there’s other things added onto it. The Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu went up to Matoula the Northern border. Two tunnels so far have been uncovered. I’m hearing there may be up to eight additional ones. Jimmy, these are extremely sophisticated very expensive. They put a lot of money into these.

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