The potential for a third Gaza War may be leading to the battle to destroy Amalek

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Happening there at the Gaza border with Israel Winkie, Israel and Hamas in Gaza but there seems to be another partner with Hamas, Islamic Jihad. Give us the overall view of what is really going on and how dangerous is it?

WM: Well Jimmy we hope now that a cease-fire will hold but there was an interruption of violence basically over two and a half days. Israel of course in addition to everything else it does has what we call reconnaissance missions in which electronic surveillance or other type of surveillance are infiltrated. This is not a violent intrusion but spying and making sure you know what the enemy is all about is part of also the military. 

Unfortunately this group was caught as a result of the shootout and the extraction of the group. Hamas and the other Islamic Jihad and some other groups manage to reign over 460 rockets and projectiles and mortars of Israel. Amazingly Mr. Netanyahu held back from any sort of overt land operation and restricted it to several strategic airstrikes and such. But that of course had one fall out that many people felt it wasn’t enough and our defense minister as of Wednesday decided to resign, so for Hamas that’s a victory. So we’re stuck now with perhaps a coalition crisis.

JD: Winkie Medad with details on the possible third Gaza war, a precursor for the war to destroy Amalek.

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