The movie, "Sabotage" is revealing "useful idiots"

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JD: Your brand new movie, I watched the trailer yesterday and that’s a fifteen-minute trailer and now normally a trailer is I guess four or five minutes but man I was glued to it for fifteen-minutes. And it’s somewhat a similar theme to your conference on security is it not, the new movie?

BH: Yes it is. It’s called “Sabotage “ and they can watch the trailer that you watched if they just go And the subtitle is the Islamist and Marxist and the useful idiots destroying America from within. That term useful idiots is not calling someone a name it is a historical term used by Lenin. He said, he would use what he called useful idiots, people who prefer sound or sent and that he would promise them things and that they would use their position as journalist, fake news, media, for any information operation, the inteligencia in the education establishment, the brain washed young people all the way from elementary schools to the universities.

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