Israeli tanks have been seen moving towards the Gaza Strip

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: I understand there’s a report that Israeli defense force tanks have been seen moving towards Gaza. Can you tell us about these tanks?

DD: The simple answer Jimmy is yes there is a major build up going on. We would see several days of tank convoys and other troop positions, camping gear setup, tents going up for the soldiers all of that is happening.  Not only is it happening Jimmy but Friday there was again another day of rioting. The Israeli said 10,000 at least Palestinians took place five places along the Gaza border with Israel. Three new fires were started in Israel from incendiary devices. And they say that this time three different Palestinian armed mobs they had guns were able to penetrate the border fence. Now all of this was happening while those tanks were active Jimmy, the machine gun fire was directed from them at the mobs that were crossing into the border.

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