May 29: Effective Praying: Love God & Love People

For the next seven days we’ll look at some prayer thoughts from John Fallahee. John has appeared on Crosstalk and WVCY-TV30 with Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel. He’s the author of a new book, Reflect the Glory of God in Prayer, and has graciously allowed us to share some excerpts from his new book:

Mirrors are helpful. They assist us in inspecting our outward appearance. They keep us safe and others safe when driving. There are even specialized mirrors to reveal blind spots around corners. In the last chapter we focused on facing life with the Scriptures, but life does not consist of viewing ourselves only. We can’t remain in front of the mirror all day. Our gaze must extend upward and outward to fulfill our calling to love God and love people.

Imagine if tomorrow you were placed on the witness stand to prove you truly love God and others. With the courtroom cameras fixed upon you and all the world watching, what evidence could you submit that would withstand the scrutiny of an adversarial courtroom cross-examination?…

At the intersection of life and prayer is loving God and loving people. If we neglect to intercede on behalf of others, then we fail to truly love. The Bible uses a unique word for this kind of love, it is agapao. It is a love that is noble and sacrificial, rooted in the will rather than mere emotions. The Bible describes this kind of love in so many amazing ways. There is one particular passage about love in the Scripture that is often quoted at weddings.

Read the rest of this chapter in Reflect the Glory of God in Prayer.

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