April 14: Expectant Praying

Harold Vaughan
Harold Vaughan

Jesus had promised He would send the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Upper Room was filled with obedient, cleansed, and unified disciples. The stage was set for God’s new thing! Can you imagine the anticipation as they lingered? Faith was not waning, it was increasing. Seeing the risen Christ had supercharged their hearts with expectancy.

These men and women were not saying their prayers, they were praying their prayers. Ablaze with desire, they knocked at heaven’s door with a zeal that would not be denied. They saw, heard, and believed the resurrected Christ. This was not one of those “If it be your will” type of prayer meetings. The only option was the reception of the promise. Jesus said they would receive and they knew good things were just around the corner! Here are faith-filled prayers from desiring, dependent, desperate disciples.

Brothers and sisters, shake off the spirit of unbelief and believe God for great and mighty things. The song says, It is no secret what God can do; and it is no telling what God will do when we get down to Upper Room praying.

Most of us know what it’s like when God stirs us up to pray. But how many of us know what it is to stir up ourselves to take hold of God? The thing that perplexed God was when He could not find men who would stir themselves to lay hold on God. He wondered there was no intercessor (Isa. 59:16).

Something phenomenal happened 2,000 years ago in an Upper Room in Jerusalem. The repercussions of what took place there is still being felt today. The midnight hour is upon us. Are we not in need of a divine breakthrough? With so many promises to plead, let’s get down to Upper Room Praying!

This article is used by permission from Harold Vaughan. After graduating from Bible College in 1979, Harold Vaughan immediately began full-time evangelism. To date, Christ Life Ministries has led him to preach in forty-eight states and many foreign countries. Shortly after entering full-time evangelism in 1979, Harold and his wife Debbie were married. Debbie works in the CLM office and maintains their home. During the Revival Summits she ministers with the children ages 4-9 in a nightly Kid’s Klub. Harold and Debbie have three grown sons. Michael and his wife, Laura have two children – John and Asa. Brandon and his wife Ashley have three children – Sara, Hope and Noah. Stephen married his wife, Emily in 2015.

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