February 25: Luther – Hallowed be thy name!

Dr. Martin Luther

Dr. Martin Luther’s advice on prayer contains much help for the believer. He shared with his friend Peter how to use the Lord’s Prayer.

Pray: “Hallowed be thy name.”…

Indeed, Lord God, dear Father, hallowed be your name, both within us and throughout the world. Destroy and wipe out the abomination, idolatry, and heresy of the Turks, the pope, and all false teachers and fanatics, who blaspheme your name, erroneously picturing you in a wretched and outrageous manner, while enthusiastically presenting their own ideas as your Word and the church’s law. Actually, under pretense of your name, they deplorably use the devil’s lies and trickery to mislead very many poor souls everywhere. And on top of that, believing that they are doing you a divine service, they kill, shed innocent blood, and persecute.

“Dear Lord God, convert and restrain such people. Convert those who shall be converted, that they with us and we with them may bless and praise your name, both in holding fast to pure doctrine and living respectable, holy lives. But restrain those who are unwilling to be converted from abusing, dishonoring, and profaning your holy name, and from misleading our poor people. Amen.

A Simple Way to Pray, Martin Luther

Yes, let’s pray that all will hallow His name!

That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

Philippians 2:10

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