First, Kill all the Bullies

Because he was so prolific, and wrote so much, Shakespeare can be quoted like Ben Franklin: for any topic and with cleverness.

In Act IV, Scene II of William Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part II, there is a truly bad dude, the gangster hitman Dick the Butcher. Dick is the righthand man to Cade, an insurrectionist who is trying to take down the king. The two are scheming to cause mayhem. They know that the good forces in society will stop him if they can.

That’s when Dick the Butcher says this: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Shakespeare did not hate lawyers, though. What Shakespeare knew is that society only holds together if we have certain rules.

For living and thriving together in this great nation of America, we rely on a rule of law and a system for protecting ourselves from the bullies of the world: government, individuals, domestic, or foreign bullies.

If you eliminate the rule of law (and kill the lawyers), then lawlessness and mobsters like Cade or Joe Biden take over and rule. “First, kill all the lawyers” is fun to say – we all hate a lawyer or ten. But it’s destroying America right now.

If the goal is to target lawyers, that brings me to the ongoing “trial” of a man named Jeff Clark. Clark is being “tried” by the District of Columbia Bar and they are trying to take his law license away from him.

His “crime” was giving legal options to his client – then President Donald Trump – in the aftermath of the 2020 election. He was opposed to the current legal regime at the time, and Clark has been forced to pay for lawyers to fight the effort to take away his livelihood.

All of this is a concerted effort by the Left and Joe Biden to take out the lawyers and gut the rule of law.

We need to fight this, and fight these traitors who are trying to end our America. Some of them that are doing this are lawyers but all of them are bullies.

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