Squatter Immigration Nation

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One mainstay of Western Civilization is respect for the rule of law by citizens and governments. In America today, this respect is fading away. We find ourselves in an increasingly crime-ridden country, especially in the cities. Additionally, police and prosecutors go too soft on the criminals. The hand of justice is never soft on anyone attempting vigilante justice, though. 

We see this today with the squatter’s rights issue. As droves of illegal immigrants flood across the border thanks to the Biden Administration, migrants are beginning to discover that they can lock down living spaces by stealing them from Americans. 

In Chronicles Magazine, Pedro Gonzalez shares the story of Adele Andaloro. Andaloro inherited a home located in Queens from her parents. However, when squatters decided that they would like the home instead, Andaloro was the one who got in trouble. Gonzalez states, “Andaloro was getting ready to sell when she noticed someone had moved in and changed the locks. In New York, squatters have rights after 30 days.” She called the police and the squatters vacated. However, a new squatter, Brian Rodriguez, showed up claiming to be leasing the property, and he called the police on Andaloro. Andaloro was arrested for unlawful eviction. 

“There’s rules to this,” Rodriguez said. “You got to go to court and send me to civil court.” “Rodriguez knows as well as Andaloro that time favors him in that battle,” Pedro Gonzalez wrote. 

Many illegal immigrants know about this hustle. One illegal immigrant posted a guide on TikTok, showing how to get squatting rights and steal property. In Atlanta, squatters have stolen over 1,200 homes. “One was converted into an illegal strip club by squatters. Other houses have been used to stash guns and drugs,” Gonzalez states. 

The rule of law is critical for the proper functioning of our country. We cannot give it up just because it’s mean or because it makes irresponsible people feel bad. Property rights are critical, and without sound property rights, the country will crumble. 

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