Biden Uses Our Taxes to Fund Big Abortion

Abortion is one of the greatest sins of our nation. Despite the overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022, abortion still is legal in most states. What makes things worse, though, is that our taxpayer dollars are flowing into the abortion industry thanks to the Biden Administration. A report released in late 2023 by the Government Accountability Office showed that almost $2 billion went to Planned Parenthood and other abortion-industry businesses over a 3-year period. 

In 1980, the Hyde Amendment banned federal funding for abortions except in extreme circumstances. This means that liberal politicians can pretend the government pocketbook is not shoveling out dollars to the abortion industry. But this is only a facade. When taxpayer dollars go to Planned Parenthood for non-abortion-related projects, it frees up Planned Parenthood’s money for more abortion procedures. 

During the Trump Administration, the Protect Life Rule was in place, “which redirected federal money to comprehensive family health and planning centers that don’t perform abortions and do not view abortion as healthcare.” Planned Parenthood pulled out of the Title X funding program quickly, showing that they do not care about parenthood. Their priority is abortion. 

The Biden Administration, however, has done everything they can to undo pro-life rules instituted during Trump’s Presidency. This means that taxpayer funding is going to the abortion industry once again, and our dollars are funding the deaths of millions of innocent babies. 

It is time to end government funding of the abortion industry. Pro-life politicians must take a stand and refuse to allow the funding for Planned Parenthood and other big abortion companies to continue. Every human life is precious, and it is sickening that the average American must pay for the death of babies. Most Americans oppose federal funding for abortions, even if it’s indirect, so it is time for policy to reflect that.

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