Seek Principles in Politicians

In the wake of the Watergate scandal, there was a lot of pessimism about political involvement. At that moment, politics seemed like a dirty game, and anyone who had real principles was advised to stay far away. Phyllis Schlafly strongly recommended the opposite, however, arguing that it was of tantamount importance for principled young conservatives to fight the political fight.

Phyllis’s recommendation still holds true today. Even with the lawfare, censorship, and canceling, principled young conservatives need to get in the fight. If they don’t, this will ensure victory for the left.

In August of 1973, Phyllis highlighted the example of Victor L. Smith, who was chairman of the Illinois Republican Party for 13 years. Phyllis said that he “did not fit the stereotype of a party boss. He [was] a businessman volunteer who gave countless hours to the cause of good government through the Republican Party.” To put your principles into action, you don’t only have to be a purely political animal. One of the beauties of America is that the citizens can easily get involved in the political process on many levels! Being a principled fighter for your values on the state or local level matters too.

Phyllis quoted American statesman Elihu Root’s address to the British people: “Politics is the practical exercise of the art of self-government; somebody must study it and learn the art… Otherwise, confusion will result in either dictatorship or anarchy.” The fate of our great nation lies in every one of our hands, and it is our duty as Americans to volunteer and fight for what we believe in!

Politics can be a dirty game with lies and corruption around every corner. But if the good, noble, and virtuous among us stand idly by because they do not want to be involved, politics will continue to be dirty. It requires the light of truth and good principles to cleanse the political world and build a better future for the American people.

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