Who Determines If We Will Have an Honest Election in November?

According to our U.S. Constitution and the belief of most Americans, we should be governed by “We the People” under the Constitution and legislation passed by our elected representatives. But this process depends on our representatives being elected in fair and honest elections.

But what if we don’t have honest elections?

The well-respected bipartisan Pew Center has just reported that more than 24 million voter-registration records in the United States — that’s about one in eight — are inaccurate, out-of-date or duplicates. The Pew Center also reported that nearly 2.8 million people are registered in two or more states, and about 1.8 million registered voters are actually dead. You’ve heard about the Chicago Democratic machine voting dead people; well, this really does happen in many states.

The National Voter Registration Act, known as the “motor voter” law, made it easier for people to register to vote. You can easily register when you get your driver’s license. However, this law also made it very difficult to remove anybody from the voting rolls unless officials have a death certificate or a written notice from the voter himself that he has moved. This problem is particularly bad in swing states, where political parties often collect inaccurate information and register everyone in sight in order to swell the voting rolls.

What can we do about the possibility of vote fraud in the upcoming election? You can volunteer to be a poll watcher. Every polling place is entitled to have a poll watcher from both political parties.

Unfortunately, there are many precincts where they seldom have a Republican poll watcher. You can do your citizen’s duty by serving as a poll watcher on election day, and perhaps you might be able to catch some fraudulent voting. That would be a great service to our country.

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