Texas Stood Strong Against Biden

“If they cut it, we will replace it,” Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick declared about the razor wire along the Texas border with Mexico after Biden won a narrowly weak 5-4 decision from the U.S. Supreme Court authorizing him to cut it. Patrick held an unusually powerful office because it commanded the state senate, and his comments joined the chorus of other top Texas officials who took a strong stand against Biden’s open border.

“We are putting up wire … everywhere we can. We will continue. We will not stop,” Patrick told Fox News after visiting the border to be on hand in case Biden’s Border Patrol showed up with wire cutters. “Wisely, they did not,” Patrick added.

Biden retaliated against Texas differently by abruptly blocking all pending approvals for permission to export liquefied natural gas. Texas is America’s largest producer of clean-burning natural gas, which is essential to both its economy and the entire nation’s economy.

The Texas Land Commissioner, Dr. Dawn Buckingham, observed that Biden’s unexpected order looked “more like retaliation than a sound policy decision,” coming as it did the day after “Texas took a bold stand in defending our border against foreign invaders.” The Land Commissioner oversees the oldest public agency in Texas, with authority over Texas’s immense natural resources and public lands.

In her article for the Daily Caller, Dr. Buckingham called on “all Americans to stand up for our country. Politicians should put the interests of Americans in their hearts and send a loud and clear message to leaders in a far-off capitol in Washington, DC — keep your hands off the Texas National Guard.”

The Texans who stood against Biden’s border policy showed a strong example of federalism, and they should be commended for working against the radical leftist open borders agenda. States’ rights are a central point of limitation for the federal government, so it was refreshing to see Texas officials take a stand to defend our country.

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