Open Borders is a Slavery Crisis

We remember slavery as a regrettable mark in American history. It was an extremely divisive issue as far back as the American founding. It was so divisive that we even fought a Civil War in this country to end it. The Civil War led to more dead American soldiers than any other war in our nation’s history. After that, you would expect our country could easily unite around preventing any kind of slavery in this country again. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, and that’s all thanks to the disastrous border policies of Joe Biden’s administration.

Instead of a trans-Atlantic slave trade transporting slaves into the United States, the new slave trade is run by the Mexican cartels. These cartels are the new gatekeepers of the United States Southern border. With Biden’s lack of border restrictions, illegal immigrants pay the cartels to smuggle them into the country. This allows the cartels to expand their enterprise, which of course means an increase in drug trafficking. It also means an increase in human trafficking.

Joel Berry noted on X in February that “In 3 years Biden brought in as many unaccompanied minors—most of whom are trafficked for child labor and sex—as the total number of African slaves shipped to [North] America during the entirety of the slave trade.” He says “From 1619 to the end of the transatlantic slave trade in 1808, North America imported an average of 2,052 African slaves per year.” Remarkably, this is only a fraction of the number of slaves entering the United States under Biden.

“Last year alone,” Berry notes, “Biden facilitated the illegal importation of 130,000 trafficked children.” Over three years, that means that Biden’s border policy has allowed for the importation of over 40,000 child slaves per year.

Biden’s border policies have created a humanitarian crisis, as well as a sprawling slave trade of never-before-seen proportions. This must come to an end, but Biden has proven he’s unwilling to put a stop to it.

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