The Pro-Life Playbook Across the World

Photo: 8 week abortion victim’s arms; Copyright

The sanctity of human life is trodden upon daily across the globe due to legalized abortion. Innocent boys and girls have their lives stolen from them for selfish reasons, missing every opportunity and joy that human life affords. It may surprise you to find out, though, that the pro-life fight across America and Europe owes a lot to one man. As NBC says, “It’s no coincidence that the anti-abortion movement looks the same from London to Dublin to Warsaw.” That’s all thanks to Gregg Cunningham, an activist out of California who has been fashioning the bullets needed to shoot down abortion laws across the globe.

Cunningham recognized that pro-abortion activists like to hide what abortion actually looks like. In reality, abortion is a very nasty thing, which is why the left surrounds it with vague terms of ‘women’s autonomy’ and ‘the right to choose.’ Cunningham decided to blow the lid off of this liberal obscurantism by hiring photographers to take professional pictures of aborted babies. By spreading these images far and wide, Cunningham and other activists have been able to show how horrific abortion is.

Cunningham is a retired Air Force Reserve colonel who spent some time working at the Pentagon. He credits his experience working in defense for contributing to his pro-life strategy today. “This is war,” Cunningham says, referring to the fight for life occurring all across the world.

Cunningham and fellow activists placed billboards in the UK with pictures of aborted babies on them. Their goal is to make abortion unthinkable by telling the truth. Activists were charged in 2010, but getting into court was intentional. It draws more attention to the images.

He compares abortion to slavery, correctly arguing that both institutions require us to lie to ourselves and others and claim that some humans aren’t people deserving of the same rights and dignity of the rest of us. For his noble work, Gregg Cunningham should be commended.

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