Even Murderers Get Transgender Privileges

In liberal forms of government, there is an amount of consideration and justice afforded to criminals. But when someone commits murder, it’s expected that our justice system limits some of their rights. They have shown that they’re a threat to society, so our courts and prisons keep them off the street. The 8th Amendment of the Constitution, however, prohibits the use of cruel and unusual punishment against criminals. But there’s a big difference between not torturing murderers and coddling their delusions.

Steven Buchanan is a convicted murderer after he killed two handymen in 2012 and 2013, feeding his victims to pigs on his 20-acre Oregon farm. In 2015, he was sentenced to 50 years behind bars. During the sentencing, Judge Tim Barnack told him “You value pigs more than you value people. It may sound harsh, but you are a cold-blooded killer.”

As it turns out, Buchanan thinks that he is a woman. The state Department of Corrections decided to indulge his fantasy, despite his grizzly crimes, and lists him as a female named “Susan Monica.” He is now serving his 50-year sentence in a women’s prison.

Riley Gaines, the college swimming athlete who has taken up the mantle of defending women from the transgender craze, asked “What could possibly go wrong housing a violent, mentally ill man with female inmates?” Unfortunately, we already know the answer based on similar cases. One male New Jersey inmate who claimed to be a woman impregnated two female inmates at a women’s correctional facility. Female inmates at the same Edna Mahan correctional facility have even filed lawsuits because they are being sexually harassed by transgender males.

To make matters worse, taxpayers are footing the bill for irreversible sex-change surgeries for inmates. Transgenderism is a recent ideological craze pushed by bad actors on the left. Vile inmates responsible for horrific crimes are taking advantage of this ideological superstructure to take advantage of women. This is not what the 8th Amendment of the Constitution is trying to protect, and states should take swift action against these violations of nature.

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