Judicial Tyranny on the Rise

Obama appointee Judge Tanya Chutkan, who presided over Jack Smith’s prosecution of Trump despite making a string of biased comments in her courtroom, released a 48-page diatribe against the former President filled with strained and odd analogies and references to George Washington.

All that was missing from her narrative was a claim that she and other D.C. judges were courageously crossing the Delaware River as Washington did. The real tyranny is from crossing the Potomac River, where these judges have ruled against Trump and his supporters on every legal issue while making absurd historical allusions.

The American people are turning against what Julie Kelly has called “January 6 jurisprudence,” confirmed by the reputable Pew Research in a recent survey about declining trust in government. Pew found that only 15% of Americans feel that the federal government is right “most of the time,” while a rock-bottom 1% say that the Feds are right “just about always.”

These liberal federal judges should read what Thomas Jefferson said 200 years ago about tyranny from the bench. As the author of the eloquent manifesto against the tyranny of King George III in 1776, Jefferson later recognized tyranny when he saw it coming from federal judges.

“As, for the safety of society, we commit honest maniacs to Bedlam,” Jefferson wrote, referring to the notorious English insane asylum, “so judges should be withdrawn from their bench, whose erroneous biases are leading us to dissolution. It may, indeed, injure them in fame or in fortune,” Jefferson continued, “but it saves the republic, which is the first and supreme law.”

The nearby Supreme Court should rein in the judges presiding over Trump-related cases in D.C., which have become show trials used by Biden supporters to crush his opposition. Instead, the High Court wasted weeks pandering to liberal demands for a new code of ethics. In addition, the decision to remove Trump from the ballot by Colorado’s Supreme Court for supposed insurrection marks a dangerous and tyrannical form of judicial action that stands in stark opposition to the principles of our republic and the vision of the American Founders.

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