Fighting Anti-Semitism with DEI?

The rise of antisemitism and calls for genocide on college campuses have been a shocking development. After the October 7th attack by Hamas on Israel, the privileged, entitled, and tone-deaf students of America’s universities quickly began demonstrating in favor of Palestine and against Israel. Many students voiced support for the supposed “resistance fighters” against Israel. In some cases, professors weighed in, such as in the case of a UC Davis professor who threatened so-called ‘zionist journalists’ in a social media post. His post implied threats of murder, home invasion, and kidnapping.

Cornell was forced to close their Kosher dining hall due to violent threats against Jewish students, made by pro-Palestinian protestors. A student walkout at New York University featured a student with a sign that said ‘Keep the World Clean.’ The sign prominently featured the Star of David being thrown in the trash can.

In response, the United States Congress launched an investigation of antisemitism at elite universities. The Presidents of Harvard, UPenn, and MIT were made to answer for the demonstrations. When asked if calling for genocide violated the codes of conduct at the respective universities, none of the Presidents gave a direct answer. As a result, prominent Jewish donors to some elite universities pressured the schools to can their Presidents.

While the rise of antisemitism on campus certainly deserves a response, the tactics being used could certainly backfire. Conservative lawmakers and pundits are unwittingly trying to increase the power of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion regimes on college campuses that have been causing so many problems over the last decade. Simply giving Jewish students the same privileges that sexual and racial minority groups are already given on campus will only result in a stronger DEI regime. The DEI regime is what enables these pro-Hamas protests in the first place.

What needs to be done on campuses is a serious uprooting of the leftist academic network that has taken over higher education. This would eliminate not only the antisemitism but also the deeply-rooted anti-Western bias that is corrupting American youth.

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