Barely a Peep About the J6 Pipe Bomber

Photo: Jan 6 pipe bomb, cropped; author: FBI; public domain

Over the last few years, the government has engaged in a gross misuse of federal funds and powers in the form of the 20 million dollar Pelosi-created Select Committee on January 6th, led by Liz Cheney and Bennie Thompson. Buried deep in the footnotes of the Select Committee’s report, one can find a reference to a pipe bomber.

The report indicates that on January 5th, 2021, a pipe bomb was planted next to the DNC, in a position where it could have taken out Kamala Harris and many other public servants and Democrat elected officials. The report also talks about another pipe bomb, planted by the same bomber, close to the Republican Dining Club called the Capitol Hill Club. The second bomb could have taken out some high-profile Republicans.

Two party headquarters were targeted the night before January 6th, and both bombs were discovered and disarmed just in time for the January 6 festivities just after noon.

Most people given this information would likely say, “holy cow, we’ve gotta get to the bottom of that.” In any major country in the world, if bombs were found at the major party headquarters, law enforcement would quickly get to the bottom of things and find the culprit. But in the case of the J6 pipe-bomber, the select committee has shamelessly dragged its feet.

Viewers can even see the pipe bomber on surveillance videos from January 5, but the government did little to quickly apprehend the culprit. Instead, the Select Committee continued destroying documents and videos instead of doing due diligence. January 6 was supposedly one of the greatest attacks on the American Republic since 9/11, according to left-wing pundits. So why has the government done so little to go after the actual terrorists involved? Are they simply incompetent, or are they protecting a federal agent who planted bombs to justify the federal government’s overreach in the January 6 investigation?

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