Homeschooling on the Rise

It is no secret that the quality of public education in our country has been on the decline. Every week there seems to be a new story about pornographic and LGBTQ content seeping into the curriculums of students as young as kindergarten. Critical race theory has also embedded itself into the school curriculums, giving children regular doses of woke racial Marxism. In addition, public education seems ever more oriented towards boosting standardized test scores, rather than truly educating the next generation.

Public education is not up to par. According to the National Assessment of Education Progress Test, also known as the Nation’s Report Card, only 32 percent of fourth graders could read at a proficient level. 39 percent of fourth graders were reading at a below-basic level. In math, only 35 percent of students scored proficient or higher. In a study of 23 Baltimore public schools, zero students scored at grade level on the state math test. Public education has one jon, and it’s failing.

It should come as no surprise, then, that homeschooling is steadily on the rise. Since 2018, homeschooling has increased over 50 percent. In some states, increases in the rate of homeschooling have been higher than even 100 percent. Many households transitioned to homeschooling in the wake of the pandemic, and many have found that it is a better model for their children than sending them to public school.

Post-covid homeschooling is far more ideologically diverse than it was before. Before the pandemic, homeschool families leaned overwhelmingly conservative. Now, there are nearly just as many liberal-oriented families homeschooling, which demonstrates that dropping confidence in public schools has breached the ideological divide.

Homeschool education children have scored consistently and significantly higher than their public education counterparts. This trend is a clear indication that the government’s approach to education needs to change drastically if it’s going to have a future. It’s time to completely uproot the public education system and promote more homeschooling.

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