King George III – December 27, 1799

Experience the American dream with today’s Patriot of the Past interview. I’m your host, John Gillespie.

It’s December 27, 1799. News of George Washington’s death has just reached London. I’m with King George III.

JG: “Your Majesty, what are your thoughts on the passing of President Washington?”

KGIII: “Mr. Gillespie, I cannot figure him out. He could have taken great power with the army when he beat us. He could have been king. Instead, he refused. He allowed your so called Democratic Republican system to rule Oh, he could have been a great king! He just didn’t get it.”

Washington did get it! That’s what made him so great! He understood the essence of the American Dream, that all men and women in America can be a king or a queen in life, liberty, and the pursuit of their dreams.

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John and Jan Gillespie are the founders of the Rawhide Boys’ Ranch; they have fostered 351 teenagers and wrote the book Our 351 Sons; they have also assisted numerous churches in developing youth programs and expanding their total church ministries. After running for U.S. Senate, John founded 1776 American Dream, which exists to demonstrate the vision of our founding fathers and help our generation of youth passionately embrace those values.

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