November 12 – A warning against Schadenfreude!

November 12
Ezekiel 24:1-26:21
Hebrews 11:1-16
Psalm 110:1-7
Proverbs 27:14

Ezekiel 24:2EnduringWord compares this date to 9-11, nation-changing and unforgettable. They note this date is also recorded in 2 Kings 25:1, Jeremiah 39:1, and Jeremiah 52:4. MacArthur identifies this as January 15, 588 BC.

Ezekiel 24:6 – The key to Ezekiel 24:3-13 is this word “Scum.” Scum is used 5 times in the next 7 verses. Webster’s identifies it as “The extraneous matter or impurities which rise to the surface of liquors in boiling.” God is purging Jerusalem with Babylon, and he’s having Ezekiel demonstrate it with a pot. Job used a more pleasant metaphor – removing the dross from gold (Job 23:10). Though dross is a less offensive word than scum today, it refers to the same concept. This process of refining metals is referred to in Psalm 66:10, Proverbs 17:3, Zechariah 13:9, Malachi 3:2-3 and 1 Peter 1:7. The Old Testament refers to dross 8 times (Psalm 119:119, Proverbs 25:4, Proverbs 26:23, Isaiah 1:22, Isaiah 1:25, and Ezekiel 22:18-19.) Basically Jerusalem has a wicked heart (Proverbs 26:23), and God is trying to remove the wickedness from her, and He will not repent (Ezekiel 24:14).

Ezekiel 24:18 – Ezekiel’s wife was taken by the LORD. Jeremiah was denied a wife (Jeremiah 16:2). Hosea was told to marry a prostitute (Hosea 1:2). Job’s kids were taken by permission of the LORD (Job 1:19). Fairness isn’t a concern of the LORD. Holiness is (Romans 8:28-29). Whatever God has for you to do – praise the LORD (Job 1:21).

Ezekiel 25:3 – Don’t interfere when the LORD is judging another. Schadenfreude is not part of God’s plan of holiness for you.

Ezekiel 26:4 – This was prophesied in 587 BC, and fulfilled in multiple steps. EnduringWord talks about Nebuchadnezzar’s 13 year siege from 586-573 BC, the Persian conquest in 525 BC, and Alexander the Great’s destruction in 332 BC. Alexander’s Siege of Tyre was quite dramatic, ending with 8,000 civilians massacred and 30,000 residents being sold into slavery.

Hebrews 11:4 – We have entered the Hall of Faith, those who are marked by their following one of Paul’s three cardinal virtues (1 Corinthians 13:13). Peter said faith in God’s Word is better than hearing God’s Voice (2 Peter 1:19). Faith is powerful – they believed that there was a God and it was worth serving Him (Hebrews 11:6).

Psalm 110:1 – We just read Hebrews 1:13 that quotes Psalm 110:1, and Hebrews 5:6 that quotes Psalm 110:4. The Psalmist who wrote this probably didn’t know what he was writing about (1 Peter 1:11), yet we now have it revealed to us! The King (Psalm 110:1) is an eternal priest (Psalm 110:4). Uzziah was cursed with leprosy (2 Chronicles 26:19) for trying to be a Priest-King (2 Chronicles 26:18). This is truly a mystery that has been solved for us in Hebrews!

Proverbs 27:14 – Wait until your friend has had his morning coffee before talking to him!

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