June 28 – Disappearing Treasures

June 28
2 Kings 13:1-14:29
Acts 18:23-19:12
Psalm 146:1-10
Proverbs 18:2-3

2 Kings 13:4 – God always listens to those who turn to Him. Don’t wait so long to call upon Him!

2 Kings 13:21 – Yes God still had work for Elisha to do, even after he was dead!

2 Kings 13:23 – Ah God even honors His covenants with us when we don’t honor them!

2 Kings 14:6 – God may send punishment on the third and fourth generation, but man cannot, even enforcing the God-ordained laws.

2 Kings 14:14 – Reading thru we’ve seen Rehoboam lose the treasures to Pharaoh Shishaq (1 Kings 14:26), Asa take the treasures to Ben Hadad (1 Kings 15:18), Jehoash take the hallowed things to Hazael (2 Kings 12:18), and now Amaziah loses to Jehoash the treasures. We’ll see Ahaz give the treasures to Assyria (2 Kings 16:8), Hezekiah give the treasures to Sennacherib (2 Kings 18:15), and finally Jehoiachin surrender to Nebuchadnezzar the treasures (2 Kings 24:13).

Sometimes we stockpile our wealth waiting for a future day to use our riches for the LORD but we know not what tomorrow may bring, or what our descendants will do.

2 Kings 14:25 – Jonah the prophet prophesied victory for the Israelites and the people rejoiced assuredly. But then Jonah was given a message of forgiveness to the Ninevites and….. we’ll see what happens when we get to the book of Jonah!

Acts 18:26 – May we be like Apollos – a man willing to take instruction from others.

Acts 19:8 – Paul used his credentials to open doors to speak in synagogues as well as before Romans. What doors are you able to open to preach in?

Psalm 146:6 – Who is the God of Jacob? The Creator!

Proverbs 18:2 – Is your heart curved inward, or is it seeking understanding from above?

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