June 21 – Is there not a God in Israel?

June 21
2 Kings 1:1-2:25
Acts 13:42-14:7
Psalm 139:1-24
Proverbs 17:19-21

2 Kings 1:3 – Jeroboam sought a prophet of the LORD for wisdom, but Ahaziah sought from Baalzebub. “Is …there… not a God in Israel?” Even though Ahaziah didn’t seek Elijah, he did recognize Elijah (2 Kings 1:8).

2 Kings 1:13 – Like the old phrase goes, “I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid.”

2 Kings 2:9 – What was the Double-Portion? From Hermeneutics/Stack Exchange

A dying man cannot leave to his heir more than he has himself. And, lastly, even the ministry of Elisha, when compared with that of Elijah, has all the appearance of being subordinate to it. He lives and labours merely as the continuer of the work already begun by Elijah, both outwardly in relation to the worshippers of idols, and inwardly in relation to the disciples of the prophets. Elisha performs the anointing of Jehu and Hazael, with which Elijah was charged, and thereby prepares the way for the realization of that destruction of Ahab’s house which Elijah predicted to the king; and he merely receives and fosters those schools of the prophets which Elijah had already founded.

2 Kings 2:11 – The phrase “Chariots of Fire” was used to name the movie about Eric Liddell.

2 Kings 2:23 – What command was broken here? Leviticus 19:32 commanded honor for the aged, based on the premise, “I am the LORD.” Solomon reiterated it in Proverbs 20:29.

Acts 13:50 – Christianity has never been popular among the upper classes. In Matthew 19:24 Jesus reiterates this view.

Acts 14:5,7 – Despite risk of stoning, “they preached the gospel!”

Psalm 139:13 – You can’t escape the Spirit of God (Psalm 139:7-10). Because He has known you from the very beginning.

Proverbs 17:21 – Three verses warning against the way of transgression. And the closing warning to fathers to be careful not to be raising foolish sons.

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