March 18 – One Million Lambs

March 18
Numbers 26:52-28:15
Luke 3:1-22
Psalm 61:1-8
Proverbs 11:16-17

Numbers 27:8 – Is God saying that women have less rights? Rather that the males have the responsibility to provide for those of their family. And if any provide not for those of the household, he is worse than an infidel (1 Timothy 5:8)! While they had the privilege of inheritance, they had the responsibility of redemption (Leviticus 25:47-55). This is best seen in the book of Ruth.

Numbers 27:18 – Joshua was called by God to lead the people of Israel. Even though he was a faithful spy, so was Caleb. We mentioned this earlier – sometimes you’re the one in charge, and sometimes you’re not – but submission to whoever God has put in charge is a Biblical duty.

The Sacrificial Lamb, Josefa de Obidos

Numbers 28:3 – In addition to the other required sacrifices, every day there would be 2 lambs offered as a sacrifice. 720 lambs a year (Israel was under the lunar, not the solar calendar).  Adding in the Sabbath lambs (v. 9 – another 100, specifically additional per v.10), the new moon offerings (v.11 – 10 animals * 12 months = 120). From the entrance to Canaan in 1406 BC to the fall of the Southern Kingdom in 586 BC,  that is 770,800 animals sacrificed as a result of this chapter. Add to it the Second Temple (516 BC to 70 AD), that is another 550,840 animals. 1,321,640 animals sacrificed, of them 1,271,024 were lambs. Over a million lambs.

God spoke to Israel, Bring me a sacrifice
Morning and Evening, Every day
Offer a spotless lamb, Without a blemish
This is my command, You must obey.

Sing Hallelulah, Praise to Jehovah!
Worship the God of Abraham!
Sing Hallelulah, Praise to Jehovah!
Once for all is slain God’s Perfect Lamb!

No longer bring a lamb – Jesus has paid the price!!!

Luke 3:1-2 – Dr. Luke is writing here, and like medical doctors today, they tend to be detail-oriented, or rather I hope they are detail-oriented (don’t want the wrong leg being amputated!). This Fifteenth Year is considered by many to be A.D. 26 (there’s an interesting discussion at StackExchange).

Luke 3:4 – Prepare the way of the Lord – in the New Testament, this is the Greek word Kuriou, but the Hebrew that is quoted is from Isaiah 40:3, not a generic lord, but the LORD (transliterated as Jehovah or Yahweh). And what especially was coming? The Salvation of God (Luke 3:6). And what does the name of Jesus mean? “The LORD is Salvation.”

Psalm 61:2 – When your heart cannot reach the destination, God can lead you to the Rock that is outside your reach.

Proverbs 11:16 – The Jamieson-Fausset-Brown commentary states:

16. retaineth—or literally, “lay hold of as a support.” Honor is to a feeble woman thus as valuable as riches to men.

Even if you do not have strength or riches, you can have honor!

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