Why Isn’t My Daughter Woman Enough?

Kristen Hawkins of Students for Life was on a university campus when a young man came to the microphone.  His daughter, whom he named Clementine, was five months old when aborted even though he begged for her life.  The mother now regrets the abortion.  He said.  “She had a heartbeat.  Wasn’t she a person?  Why isn’t my daughter human enough for people to care?  Why isn’t my daughter woman enough for her to have a body?  For her to have a choice?  As a father I’m supposed to forget.  I’m supposed to move on.”  He had this to say to the abortionist.  “Was my daughter beautiful?  My daughter matters.”  This hurting man isn’t alone.  There are millions like him.  If you want free help, or want to see the video go to lifeissues.org. 

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