Personal Experiences Forge Pro-Life Beliefs

Nothing forges a strong pro-life belief in political candidates than a personal experience.  Two presidential candidates are examples.  Governor Ron DeSantis shared how he and his wife lost their first pregnancy to miscarriage.  He said, “It was a tough thing.  We just kept the faith.  We just kept praying.”  The experience, he said taught him, “I’ve got to fight for these kids.”  Vivek Ramaswamy also experienced a miscarriage with their first pregnancy and had serious issues with their second.  He said, “Our faith teaches us that our child joined his creator, and one day, we will too.”  Vivek said, “You protect all life, born and unborn.”  Second Corinthians says God comforts us so, “We can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.”  A-men to that. 

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