Father and Daughter Abortion Business


A seventy-eight-year-old abortionist and his daughter brag about moving their families to from Texas and Oklahoma to states where abortion remains legal. Alan Braid moved from Texas to Albuquerque where abortion’s legal for any reason until birth. His daughter, Andrea Gallegos, who said she grew up “in awe of her father’s” work closed her abortion center in Oklahoma and moved it to Carbondale, Illinois. Her dad travels to her new killing center to abort the babies. Andrea says she mainly sees her husband and kids via video calls because of her job. They claim they’re helping women but I don’t buy that. These two are in it for the money because abortion is a lucrative business. This duo is raking in the big bucks and sacrificing their own families in the process.

This post originally appeared at https://lifeissues.org/2023/09/father-and-daughter-abortion-business/

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