Politicians Deserve Our Thanks


Earlier I told you about the courageous pro-life State Senators in Oregon who staged a six-week walkout to prevent radical pro-abortion legislation from becoming law.  Their efforts were successful, which required the Left to compromise.  The far Left hates to compromise more than they hate Donald Trump.  Oregon’s Secretary of State said she would enforce Measure one—thirteen passed by voters that she says prohibits the re-election of lawmakers with more than ten days of unexcused absences.  The pro-life senators say the measure kicks in after their next term expires and they’re willing to take their case to court.  Whatever you may think about politicians at times, these pro-life senators deserve our thanks.  They put their jobs on the line for the babies and their moms.

This post originally appeared at https://lifeissues.org/2023/08/politicians-deserve-our-thanks/

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