Unborn Babies Had a Good Week


America’s unborn babies enjoyed a significant victory on Wednesday regarding chemical abortion pills.  A panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals sided with medical science, ruling in favor of pro-life medical organizations and doctors.  It rebuked President Biden and the FDA for ignoring the welfare of women when they summarily kicked crucial safeguards to the curb.  The Court stated that reversing the original FDA approval of chemical abortion had exceeded the statute of limitations.  But it also said if they had more time to consider the appeal, the door may be open to this.  In 2019 the FDA conducted an unrequested “full review” of the safeguards and added two modifications which may allow the plaintiffs to succeed.  Thank God for this victory and please keep praying.

This post originally appeared at https://lifeissues.org/2023/08/unborn-babies-had-a-good-week/

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