A Shattered Dream


Pro-lifers enjoyed a huge victory in the deep blue state of California.  A late-term abortion center planned to open in Beverly Hills, that is until local pro-life advocates mobilized a campaign against it.  California recently legalized abortion until birth for any reason.  Abortionists in Washington, DC saw a great commercial opportunity because late-term abortion is a very lucrative business.  Tasha Baker led the campaign against the killing center.  The building management company rescinded its lease after mounting pressure from pro-lifers.  They believe property management didn’t realize what they were getting themselves into.  And they didn’t relish the idea of daily protests on their streets.  This abortion business to the stars is now a shattered dream.  Thanks be to God.

This post originally appeared at https://lifeissues.org/2023/08/a-shattered-dream/

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