From the Director

“The Battle Rages On”

By Jim Schneider, Executive Director
VCY America

Gone are the days when society recognized and advocated for those things that are right and
condemned things that are wrong. Gone are the morals and values that were once upheld and
promoted in our culture. Gone are the days when patriotism was considered normal and
socialism was exposed and scorned. Gone are the days when one could send their child to the
school or county library trusting they would be safe with materials they picked up. Gone are the
days when the vast majority of educators and school boards trusted parents and did not see them
as a hindrance or a threat.

As a new school year has gotten underway, it was appalling to see a column in USA Today which
suggested adding several “health-related” items to the back-to-school supply lists for high school
and college age students. The list is chilling.

Number one on the advice list is contraception. A suggestion was made for parents to consider
“the newest addition to over-the-counter contraceptives,” a brand-new birth control pill approved
just recently by the FDA. Of course, they informed of other over the counter contraception as
well as emergency contraception that “is still sold behind the counter” but informed that some
states still allow accessibility to it. They also were sure to promote Planned Parenthood and their
other contraception and devices for consideration.

Number two on their list for back-to-school supplies are fentanyl test strips which they call a
“harm reduction tool.” They suggest having naloxone, more commonly referred to as Narcan, a
reversal medicine for opioid overdose. Advice from the article is knowing how to have both
access to these items and know how to use them. Clear instructions were presented on their use.
Is this truly in the best interest of our society? Is this really what we need to send our children
back to school? What happened to pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, calculators and notebooks?

Number three dealt with COVID-19, and warns of increased transmission rates with
encouragement of a new bivalent booster likely available soon. Our federal government is once
again speedily rushing this through development. Watch for the craftily designed campaign to
get the next injection.

The fourth item addressed in their column was mental health related issues with reference to
parents being alert to warning signs if their kids are struggling with their mental health.

One wonders how our society can be so blind as to what we are doing to our children that is
actually propelling them into mental health issues.

Young people are being indoctrinated with hyper-sexualized materials, books, clubs and even
secretive counseling sessions with advisors who purposely keep information from parents. Then
we scratch our head and wonder why today’s youth are having mental health issues. How
confusing when we are teaching “Johnny” that he might really be “Joanie.” Or we tell “Beth” that
she might really be “Bill.” Those who are “expert” in the field are providing a steady diet of
how one can “transition” to the opposite sex socially, chemically, and surgically. We give
counseling to biological girls to accept and get over their objection to biological boys using their
restrooms or showers. We scold women who object to gender-confused men who are taking
away their medals and placements in sports. No wonder why there is a sudden rise in mental
health issues.

Our present society has become more concerned about having access to the latest abortion pill
than promoting abstinence until marriage. The psychological harm to a woman is advanced
greatly by killing the unborn child in her womb. The scars left behind will only escalate in their
aggravation. Our culture caters to the most immoral standard in all aspects with the lame excuse,
“Well, they’re going to do it anyway.” So, we are certain to be sure they have access to
contraception or at least a contact number to the nearest Planned Parenthood where direction can
be given on how to kill their preborn child even if they have to be transported across state lines
to do so.

As to drugs, we now have communities creating so-called “safe injection sites” where one can
take, ingest or inject drugs “safely,” and just in case they take too much we can be ready with
Narcan to help them out. What a mixed message this provides! Mental health ills will only
increase in such conditions.

We must realize that we are in an intense spiritual battle. Our enemy the devil is accurately
characterized in John 10:10: “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:
How hopeless we would be if this verse ended here. However, it goes on to say, “I [Jesus] am
come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Indeed, the battle is intense. It is a battle between the works of the devil filled with darkness and
deception, versus the Just One, Jesus Christ who came as light into this world to save us from our
sin. It is critical for people everywhere to turn to Christ and place their trust in Him.

It is also imperative for believers in Christ to daily put on the armor of God to protect from the
fiery darts of Satan and have “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” (Ephesians
6:17) This spiritual battle is not one from which we can cower but rather we must stand!

As long as we forsake God, as long as we ignore and disregard Biblical truth, as long as we
shake our fist at our Creator and put the welcome mat out for the devil and his minions, we will
continue down the pathway of degeneracy.

The battle is raging. This battle is spiritual. The answer is also spiritual. Victory can be found
alone in Jesus Christ.

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