WVCY Celebrates 60 Years of Broadcasting!

By Jim Schneider, Executive Director, VCY America

The year was 1961. The Cold War with the USSR was worsening. The first large blocks were put in
place to create the Berlin Wall. The first ever nationally televised Presidential News Conference was
held with JFK. And the U.S. launched its first man in space as Alan Shepard was aboard Freedom 7.

Just 10 days after that flight into space, the Lord launched a new broadcast ministry in Milwaukee.
Milwaukee Youth for Christ was incorporated in 1954. Five years later, in 1959, Vic & Freda Eliason
were called to Milwaukee where Vic began serving with the organization. The times were busy with 20
Bible Clubs meeting weekly. Rallies and Singspirations were held bi-weekly. From this youth outreach
some teens approached Vic as their Bible Club Director in 1961asking, “How about we start a Christian
radio broadcast?” Vic said, “Well, we’d have to put together a pilot program.” One of the teens said, “I
have a microphone,” another said, “I have a turntable. I’ve got records.” They pooled these items
together and prepared a 15-minute radio broadcast. Vic told them the way to go was FM.

There were only three FM stations in the Milwaukee area at that time. The young people took their
sample program to each of the stations but were declined. The stations were simply not interested.
They came back to the storefront office, discouraged, but prayed, “Lord, if you want us to have a
Christian radio program, You’re going to make it happen.”

Exactly five days later Vic was working in the office when the door swung open and someone asked,
“Would anyone like some free radio airtime?” Vic leaped from his seat with high interest and learned of
a new station, WBON, that was broadcasting at 107.7 FM. The person offering the time was given the
responsibility to create a religious music program. However, in his backslidden condition, he knew he
could not create such a broadcast. He had been driving the streets of Milwaukee in search of some
ministry to offer the radio time. He saw their sign in the storefront window, walked in and offered the

The young people had been seeking time for a 15-minute weekly program. However the opportunity
presented by this guest was for a half-hour a day and an hour on Sunday. The representative indicated
they would begin the next Monday.

The very first broadcast was called “Sacred Stylings” and began May 15, 1961. Over the next few years
and a couple of station hops for the group, the Lord opened the door for the purchase of WBON
107.7FM, the very station they began with their first broadcast. The transaction was made and call
letters were changed to WVCY, Wisconsin Voice of Christian Youth.

Now 60 years later, WVCY-FM continues to thrive reaching many daily with the Gospel. The seeds
planted by faith in 1961 have sprouted into far more than a single station. Though Wisconsin is our
strongest state with multiple outlets, the ministry now reaches listeners from coast to coast. It is only
appropriate that the corporate name changed to VCY America. Some 53 radio broadcast outlets are
owned by VCY with an eye toward continued growth as the Lord provides. Scores of non-owned radio
outlets continue to be served daily by VCY both in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to radio, there is
also television broadcast outreach that is expanding. Further, there is an on-line impact that is reaching
people in countries all around the world at vcyamerica.org.

The seeds planted have not only germinated media development, but other opportunities have also come
about. VCY started a camp outreach program now recognized as Trail Ridge Camp located just outside
of Hillsboro, WI. Many lives are impacted annually through summer camps, retreats, and ministry
focused events. The VCY Bookstore & Outreach Center has its brick and mortar facility in the
Milwaukee area, but is touching the lives of many across the nation. VCY Ministry trips have taken
many to the Ark Encounter & Creation Museum. Heritage Trips have been taken to Boston,
Washington DC, and to Israel. The VCY Birthday Club ministry is touching the lives of over 10,000
children annually. The VCY Bible Institute was launched in 2020 with on-line training. Tract outreach
along with other ministries have all been launched with the purpose of reaching others with the Gospel.
The many matters that brought this about go well beyond “coincidence.” God is at work. Since the very
beginning no man could take credit for what’s been accomplished. It is well beyond man’s ingenuity.
Vic often referred to the VCY Story as being “God’s Continuing Miracle.” There is absolutely no doubt
that this ministry is solely of the Lord. Not only has God provided faithfully year after year, He
continues to guide and open doors of opportunity.

VCY’s purpose is to glorify the Lord, to evangelize, to edify, to encourage, to inform, and to strengthen
the work of the local church in communities across the nation. Join us in praising God for 60 years of
His faithfulness! It is truly “God’s Continuing Miracle!”

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