Fast Facts: Ostrich (Part 4)

Welcome to Fast Facts with Reasons for Hope!

I’m Carl Kerby. Have you ever stopped to consider the beauty of an ostrich feather? These sought after souvenirs reached “Plume-blume” height in the19th century when a feather was pound for pound as valuable as a diamond!

Besides fashion design, the feathers of an ostrich tell us a lot about the ostrich itself:

  • The females will get a silver shimmer to attract males when the time is right
  • All baby ostriches are born fully feathered with a soft brown color to hide among the bushes
  • As they mature, males turn black with white edges so they can sit on the nest at night (females turn brown with cream edges to blend in during the day) … this ability to change is remarkable and can only be explained by a Creative God

Check back with us soon as we discover even more on Fast Facts with Reasons for Hope and until then … stay bold!

Carl Kerby is the founder of Reasons for Hope and co-creator of the DeBunked apologetic video series. His radio feature, Fast Facts, is heard weekly on VCY America, Saturdays at 9:25 AM Central.

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