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As offered on Crosstalk November 9th, 2021 and January 20th, 2022

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Princess Cut: True Love is Worth the Wait

A lifelong Carolina farm girl, now in her early 20’s, Grace has dreamed all her life of the day when “Mr. Right” slips a Princess Cut diamond on her finger and swears to love her forever. Tonight may be that night as Stewart has something special planned after 15 months together! But when things don’t go as planned, and romance crashes down around her, it launches her on a quest, aided by her father, to understand what it means to truly love another person. Will Grace finally discover love or ruin her chances for happiness forever?

Bonus features include The Making of Princess Cut, Deleted Scenes, Blooper Reel, Set Apart Girl Promo, and Trailers

Starring Ashley Bratcher (WAR ROOM, 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN) Rusty Martin Sr. and Jr. (COURAGEOUS, POLYCARP), Mimi Sagadin (RETURN TO THE HIDING PLACE), Jenn Gotzon (ALONE YET NOT ALONE, THE GOOD BOOK, GOD’S COUNTRY) and Joseph Gray (ALONE YET NOT ALONE, WESLEY, HERO), this heartwarming, family-friendly romantic drama/comedy will have the whole family laughing, crying and ultimately gripped by the beauty of true love and purity. A MUST SEE for teens and tweens!

• Run Time: 97 Minutes
• Language: English
• Closed Captioned
• Release Date: 11/3/2015

Princess Cut 2: Hearts on Fire

After years of trying to start a family, Robert and Lauren Anderson are excited to finally be pregnant. They eagerly share the news with Robert’s older sister, Grace, who runs a small rural clinic with husband Dr. Clint Masters. Despite Grace’s reassurances and motherly example, Lauren fears she won’t be able to maintain her athletic boutique and adequately raise a family. Modest success buoys her hopes, until the storms of life converge, driving them all to the brink of despair.

Bonus features include a 1 Hour Panel Discussion with Ashley Bratcher, Eric & Leslie Ludy, and Paul & Sheilah Munger, Blooper Reel, and Deleted Scenes

• Run Time: 110 Minutes
• Language: English
• Closed Captioned
• Release Date: 11/1/2021

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