News Roundup & Comment

Date: June 7, 2024
Host: Jim Schneider
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Here’s a selection of stories from the first quarter hour of the broadcast as Jim presented another edition of the News Round-Up:

–On the 80th anniversary of D-Day, President Biden called for stronger international cooperation, while also taking a swipe at Russian President Vladimir Putin.

–Last Friday afternoon, President Biden announced a new deal under which Hamas   would rule Gaza, get billions in U.S. aid and dozens of its terrorists would be released from prison in exchange for the dead body of every hostage.

–The IDF’s “Operation Rafah” has exposed the existence of a secret overpass between Egypt and Gaza that Hamas could use to import anything without international supervision.

–4 more Israeli hostages died in the custody of Hamas including an 84 year old individual. 

–The Iran-backed Palestinian/Hamas terror organization released a video last Friday providing another indication that another hostage, Noa Argamani, a young Israeli woman, is still alive.

–Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accepted an invitation to address a joint session of Congress. 

–The U.S. House passed a resolution on Tuesday that would impose sanctions on the International Criminal Court if attempts to prosecute the U.S. or its allies moves forward.

–Thousands of people gathered along Fifth Avenue in New York City for the annual parade in support of Israel.

–On Monday morning a group of protesters at the Israeli consulate in San Francisco called for an end to attacks on Gaza. 

–In April, the Chicago Chapter of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters hosted a rally where activists chanted, “Death to America!”

–The Maldives, a 98.69% majority Muslim nation with zero Jews, has announced it will ban the entry of anyone who has an Israeli passport.

–Large swaths of northern Israel were engulfed by wildfires set off by rockets launched from Lebanon by the Iran-backed terrorist group known as Hezbollah.  

–Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Tuesday that strong action would be taken against Hezbollah if it keeps up its assault.

–One of the largest humanitarian aid operations in Israel, the Joseph Project International, is appealing for help after an affiliated messianic relief center    was struck by Hezbollah terrorists.

–As clashes continue between the U.S. and its allies and Iran-backed Houthi Islamic rebels in Yemen, the jihadist terrorists launched anti-ship ballistic missiles at an American vessel in the Red Sea last weekend.

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