Defending Children from the Trans Agenda

Date: May 29, 2024
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Rebecca Terrell
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Children today are being bombarded by the trans agenda.  Some may use terms such as “indoctrination” or “grooming” to describe it and that’s exactly what’s taking place as an audio clip played by Jim proves.  This grooming/indoctrination is happening in multiple ways and the guest on this broadcast describes these influences.

For this subject Crosstalk welcomed Rebecca Terrell.  Rebecca is senior editor and regular contributor to the New American.  In the current issue of The New American Rebecca is author of the cover story, “Defending Children Against the Trans Agenda.”

Rebecca believes that our entire culture and nation is at stake.  The upcoming generation of children and teens is being brainwashed and it’s not only affecting us morally, it’s also affecting the U.S. birth rate which has been in steep decline for many years.  This brainwashing is happening to young people through school curriculum, media/entertainment, technology, corporate America, bans on conversion therapy and more.

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