Persecuted Christians Paying the Price

Date: May 7, 2024
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Todd Nettleton
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Todd Nettleton is the host of the Voice of the Martyrs Radio and is Vice President of Message for the Voice of the Martyrs-USA.  Todd is author of Forbidden: 40 Days on the Frontlines with Persecuted Christians.

Our Constitution recognizes the free exercise of religion, yet we take it for granted.  We have Bibles available seemingly everywhere, even on our phones, yet do we use them?  Churches are still prevalent in America but are you attending as you should?  The fact is, we’re often lackadaisical when it comes to our Christian faith and the freedom we have to practice it.  In addition, it’s a foreign thought to even think about the fact that others worldwide are being persecuted for that same faith in Jesus Christ.  This shouldn’t surprise us because as Todd realizes, in many places around the world, the most dangerous item a person can own is a Bible.

Todd described how it’s not uncommon for someone to be beaten if they’re found to be reading the Bible or to be arrested if found in possession of one.  In response, Voice of the Martyrs has been engaged in the mass production of Bibles, with persecuted believers smuggling them into some of the most dangerous places just to serve Christ.  For the last several years, VOM has been able to deliver more than one million Bibles a year into hostile and restricted nations with every single one being sponsored/funded by someone who gives. 

Find out what the circumstances are like for Christians in India, Egypt, Eritrea and Turkey.  Todd also presented an interesting testimony from Iran as well as information on the upcoming Day of the Christian Martyr, focusing this year on Christians in northern Iraq and Syria.

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