Whatever Happens:  Standing Firm when the World is Falling Apart

Date: April 23, 2024
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Robert Morgan
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Robert J. Morgan is the Leader of Robert J. Morgan Ministries, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to energize God’s people with a greater understanding and appreciation of the Bible and Christian heritage. He served in pastoral ministry for over 40 years, and is a bestselling author with over 35 books in print. He’s been with us several times on Crosstalk discussing some of his books such as Then Sings My SoulThe Red Sea RulesThe Jordan River Rules100 Bible Verses That Made AmericaThe 50 Final Events in World History and Great is Thy Faithfulness. He’s with us today discussing his book Whatever Happens: Standing Firm When the World Is Falling Apart.

Do you struggle in your faith as you observe a world that is falling apart? Each day do you wake up wondering what is going to happen next and will you be able to survive? We observe a political system that has run amok with more of our freedoms being taken while “the system” gains control. There is unrest in the world and we wonder when or where the next military action will take place. We see problems in our healthcare system with escalating rates, longer wait times and denial of care. Our education system is doing more brainwashing than educating. Uprisings are taking place on university campuses. Inflation is off the charts and we wonder what the next grocery item will be that we can no longer afford. There is a growing animosity toward Christianity and a greater intolerance of Christian values and beliefs. Are these things rocking your boat?

The early Christian church in Philippi was distressed over the terrible things that had happened to the apostle Paul such as his imprisonment in Caesarea, his shipwreck on Malta, and his looming trial in Rome. Would Paul ever see freedom again? And yet while Paul was imprisoned, the church provided him with both personal support and financial support. Paul being filled with gratitude sent an inspiring letter which we know as the book of Philippians. It’s a book that helps us stay strong in our faith as the world falls apart.

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