Israel: We Must Not Forget October 7th

Date: March 13, 2024
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Dr. Richard Schmidt
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Dr. Richard Schmidt is pastor of Union Grove Baptist Church, and founder of Prophecy Focus Ministries.  He’s the speaker on the weekly TV program, Prophecy Focus and the radio broadcast, Prophecy Unfolding.  He spent 32 years in law enforcement including that of Acting Sheriff of Milwaukee County until his retirement.  He has authored several books including: Are You Going to a Better Place?, Daniel’s Gap Paul’s Mystery, Tribulation to Triumph: The Olivet Discourse, Globalism: The Great World Consumption and Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism and the De-evolution of Democracy.

When you look at what’s being said on university campuses today, when you hear politicians condemning Israel for taking direct action to protect herself, when you observe the U.N. resolutions coming out against Israel, and when you see the growing number of legacy media stories scolding Israel, it’s as if October 7th never happened.  Also, how many sources will be telling you that just today, over 100 rockets were launched from Lebanon into northern Israel?

There’s a reason for all of this and Dr. Schmidt explained why from a biblical perspective as he looked at the following:

  • While some concentrate on the 30,000 Palestinians that are said to have been killed in the war thus far, what they don’t tell you is that Israel has been trying to move people out of harm’s way in Rafah in the southern part of Gaza as this area will be under attack in the near future.
  • What did President Biden mean when he was caught on a hot mic after his State of the Union address, telling someone that he and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu need to have a “come to Jesus moment”?
  • How many terrorists were in Gaza and at this late stage in the war, how many might still be operating?
  • Is there a move afoot by the current administration to collapse Benjamin Netanyahu while at the same time trying to support Israel?
  • Given America’s national debt, can we afford to feed everyone in Gaza (that’s 2.3 million meals per day) which is the current plan via a floating pier system off the Gaza shore?
  • Is a 2-state solution viable?

These are just some of the subtopics and questions that need to be addressed in order to bring you a proper view of the situation in Israel.  Hear the rest, as well as what listeners had to say, when you review this edition of Crosstalk.

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