Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel:  What Are They Hiding? Pt. 1

Date: March 4, 2024
Host: Jim Schneider
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On February 26, 2024 U.S. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin led a roundtable discussion titled, Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding?  In this discussion, the senator and a panel of experts exposed the corruption and censorship of the COVID cartel including federal health agencies, Big Pharma, legacy media and Big Tech.  This event opened the public’s eyes to the failure of the global elite and their institutions.  This forum also gave a platform to suppressed and marginalized voices.

Forum participants included:

Dr. Robert Malone

Dr. Jessica Rose

Mr. Ed Dowd

Kevin McKernan

Dr. David Gorthler

Dr. Harvey Risch

Barbara Loe Fisher

Dr. Brian Hooker

Dr. Pierre Kory

Dr. Raphael Lataster and many others.

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The full discussion can be found here:

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