The Critical Need to Reach Children

Date: February 29, 2024
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Moises Esteves
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There are just over 8 billion people on earth and according to World Population Review, an estimated 2 billion of those are children between the ages of 0-14.  This means it’s critical that children be reached with the Gospel message.  One such group that’s focusing on this demographic is Child Evangelism Fellowship.  Through their Good News Clubs and other outreach efforts, they have a vision of reaching every child, every nation, every day.   

Moises Esteves is Executive Vice President of Child Evangelism Fellowship.  He was born and raised in Portugal, was saved at the age of 9, and at the age of 17 felt God’s call into vocation ministry.

In 2001, the Supreme Court decided by a 6-3 vote, in favor of Child Evangelism Fellowship in the case of Good News Clubs v. Milford Central School.  The court said it was constitutional for CEF to hold Good News Clubs in public schools after the last bell rings and that they could not be discriminated against because of their religious content.  

Each child must have a parental permission slip in order to attend.  The gatherings run for an hour to an hour and 15 minutes after the school day has ended.  During this time children are taught a Bible lesson, they sing songs, there are games, and sometimes there’s a missionary story.

In the past year in the U.S., CEF ministered to 102,000 children, although they’re still rebuilding post-COVID.  That’s about 2,600 clubs in the public schools with an additional 1,000 clubs in other locations.

On this broadcast you’ll hear about:  

  • The importance of local church partnership with CEF.
  • The 4-14 window.  
  • Testimonies from those saved through a Good News Club.  
  • The after-school Satan clubs conundrum. 
  • How you can become involved with or start a Good News Club in your community.
  • The impact of CEF outside the U.S.

…and much more!

Moises noted that 80% of kids in the U.S. don’t attend church.  So if you’re burdened for the next generation, make certain you review this edition of Crosstalk!

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