Israel’s Fight for Survival Continues

Date: February 26, 2024
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Chris Katulka
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Chris Katulka is assistant director of North American Ministries at The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry and host of The Friends of Israel Today radio program.  He is a Bible teacher, and writer for Israel My Glory magazine and is author of the book, Israel Always.

Jim began the discussion portion of this broadcast with comments from the Biden-Harris team concerning President Trump and those that gathered at the National Religious Broadcasters convention.  Chris responded with a review of Trump’s accomplishments on behalf of Israel.

As the conversation moved along, Chris commented on the following:

  • Did the IDF miss something that allowed for the October 7th attack?
  • How October 7th was the result of a constant festering in Gaza (15 years of missiles lobbed into Israel from Gaza) that gave way to the massacre on the Gaza border.
  • Why doesn’t humanitarian aid get to where it’s needed, even to the hostages?
  • What’s the latest on the hostage talks?
  • Is a cease-fire in the best interest of Israel?
  • Why the idea that Israel is occupying the West Bank is incorrect.  This land is disputed.  Israel can’t be occupying land that never belonged to the Palestinians to begin with.  After all, there never was a Palestinian state, president or king.  So Anthony Blinken is looking at this from an “occupation” standpoint whereas most Israeli’s look at this land from a “disputed” perspective.

There’s even more points that Chris covered, while callers brought their perspective to the program as well.

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