“Religion and Science” Weekend

Date: February 8, 2024
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Jay Seegert
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Jay Seegert is the founder & managing director for The Starting Point Project.  He holds degrees in both Physics and Engineering Technology.  Jay is an international speaker and author.  He conducts trips to the Grand Canyon and is President of Logos Research Associates, the world’s largest group of scientists who are Christians and biblical creationists.  He’s speaker for the Creation Science Association of Fiji and has been speaking on science and the authority of Scripture for nearly 4 decades.

This coming Monday, February 12th, is the birthday of Charles Darwin who was born in 1809.  This is the same day as Lincoln’s birthday, but unlike the former president, Darwin was a promoter of evolution and his teachings have been promoted throughout society, especially in educational settings and museums.  Sadly, this theory has also been adopted by many churches and religious organizations.

Back in 2004, a man named Michael Zimmerman was engaged in a battle against a school district in Wisconsin because he didn’t like creation being taught.  He brought approximately 200 clergy together to sign a letter to the school board.  As a result, they retracted their policies regarding the teaching of creation.

Zimmerman was encouraged by this and others encouraged him to take this nationwide, so he started the Clergy Letter Project.  The goal was to get churches to celebrate evolution on the Sunday closest to Darwin’s birthday.  So from 2006 to 2007 they celebrated what was called, “Evolution Sunday.”  That was expanded to “Evolution Weekend” from 2008-2022.  Then last year it was changed to “Religion and Science Weekend.”   

This program covers who Charles Darwin was and what he believed, evolution’s undeniable racist thread, the biblical problems with evolution, and the unfortunate attempt at syncretism that’s causing some churches to fall prey to this errant teaching. 

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