Erwin Lutzer Rally – “We Will Not Bow”

Date: January 30, 2024
Host: Dalton Windsor

Dr. Erwin Lutzer spoke at the Waukesha Expo for the VCY America Rally on March 18th, 2023. His topic was We Will Not Bow.

Dr. Lutzer is Pastor Emeritus of The Moody Church where he served as the senior pastor for 36 years. He’s the speaker on the radio programs Running to Win and Songs in the Night. He is a speaker and an award-winning author on several books. Some of his titles include The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent, Life Changing Bible Verses You Should Know, We Will Not Be Silenced, No Reason to Hide and The Power of a Clear Conscience.

Dr. Lutzer began by mentioning Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who told an interesting story.  Solzhenitsyn said that in 1937 a speech was given by someone who extolled the virtues and the greatness of Stalin.  When he finished, everyone rose to clap.  Solzhenitsyn described how this went on for several minutes.  Under such circumstances, who’s going to sit down first?  After 11 minutes of non-stop clapping, the director of a paper factory stopped his clapping and sat down.  Everyone else then stopped as well and sat down.

That same night the director of the paper factory was arrested and sent to prison for 10 years.  During his interrogation he was told never to be the first one to stop clapping.

Dr. Lutzer said, “How does freedom die?  Solzhenitsyn would say with thunderous applause; everybody clapping at the Soviet system.”

Dr. Lutzer then asked if America is being “sovietized”?  Victor Davis Hanson asked that question and he indicated that in the Soviet Union it wasn’t merit that enabled people to climb the ladder.  Instead, it was loud enthusiasm for the communist system.

Today, if you want to teach at a university, you’ll be asked if you’re willing to “sign-on” to the diversity studies, identifying people via multiple pronouns and are you “on-board” with the LGBTQ community.  In other words, today it’s not about competency, but loud enthusiasm for the orthodoxies of the day.  

However, as Dr. Lutzer noted, what we’re seeing is not new.  He pointed to Daniel 3, and as you’ll hear, he brings attention to a portion of this chapter that contains one of the most profound statements of faith in all of the Bible concerning the providence of God.  

Will you stand up and clap or will you sit down?  In other words, do you fear God more than you fear the fire of the present ideology of the world; an ideology that trumps biology, science and common sense?  Have your faith built up as Dr. Lutzer looks at this force that’s pressuring us to bow down and then note carefully how we are to respond as he teaches from God’s Word.

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